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Scarf 'Jessica'

139 EUR50 EUR

Quality :  Part one : 100% silk,  Part two : 100% wool

Size :  70 x 180 cm

Why Fair?
Hellen van Berkel designs single copies or limited editions with an authentic handmade quality. She never does any mass production just to lower the costs. She combines traditional block printing and silkscreen printing with the latest digital print techniques and adds exquisite handmade embroidery. The source of this unique style of embroidery is in India where it creates jobs this way and Hellen visits the fabric 2 times/year to ensure the healthy work environment. It also keeps the handcraft alive because these skills have been passed down through generations. Combining material and technique, Hellen creates original work. Beside her small production in silk, she also has a line in ecological fabric : modal.

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